Case Study 01

Expanding a Personal Training Business, Developing a Stronger Online Presence, and Mastering New Skills

“These tips you give me are really helpful! I am glad you are by my side through this process.”



  • Collect, cull, and optimize assets, domains, and material worked on over the years to create a strong brand identity and library of content.
  • Develop an online program to maximize reach and diversify the business model.
  • Increase client skills around online platforms like Google Drive, Facebook, and Youtube to increase confidence, focus, and success.


The Solution

We started with some exercises to revisit who Hartbody clients are, what direction Jim wanted to take the business, and how to communicate this using a consistent visual look and strategic communications. We met regularly and I culled through documents to format, edit, and create concise, impactful content for his new website, blog, handouts, and more. Then we got to work producing 63 videos for his YouTube Channel and building his online program.

My Approach

  • Defining the objectives and goals of the client is key. Jim had a vision of creating an online program based on his successful in-person program. A goal he had for years but felt overwhelmed by. Any solution would require providing the client with tutorials of how to use technology.
  • The client has a strength for writing a lot. I set out to collect, cull, and utilize an abundance of content to create dozens of smaller, focused blog posts to share. One objective was to positioning the client as the thought leader he is.
  • A website can be used efficiently as the core portal for a client to create a clearer representation of the services offered. A simple but strong visual brand identity and succinct copy are pivotal for the Hartbody target audience since it's pretty certain they'd come to the website to understand who the client is. Once built out we could push blog posts to and build campaigns on social media and through email.
  • Using video tutorials on how to use various platforms is easy and a resource they can return to months after our project. Also, setting up folders on the Cloud that are organized can help set the client on the right path if they had trouble organizing documents.

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