About Me

A big idea thinker, I’m able and interested in connecting the dots to how work gets done. Finding new ways to do and look at things is innate in my approach.

Living in Philadelphia has afforded me with all the wonders of a world-class city: art, music, theater, sports, food, and history. It’s also a very walkable city. You can travel from one end to the next within an hour or two if you don't get distracted.

I arrived in Philly, after working as a counselor in Rochester, NY, and forged a career in marketing and design while working at the world-class music conservatory. I wore many hats during my 16-year tenure at Curtis, from communications associate to Director of Marketing and Patron Communications, plus Art Director.

Currently I work as a freelancer with small businesses and those who have projects they've wanted to realize but need support. While I continue to do this I'll be exploring new opportunities—learning, working with amazing collaborators, and doing good work.

If you have a project in mind, contact me.

These are a few areas I have excelled in over the years:

  • Creating: copywriting, graphic design, promotions, and building websites
  • Organization: developing identity systems and managing marketing, communications, and design programs
  • Strategy: helping businesses and individuals with branding, designing, and marketing on a budget

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Select photos from my daily walk around Philly.

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